Mozambique Light Gauge Steel Villas

  • Mozambique Light Gauge Steel Villa
  • Mozambique Light Gauge Steel Villa
  • Mozambique Light Gauge Steel Villa
  • Mozambique Light Gauge Steel Villa Installation
  • Mozambique Light Gauge Steel Villa
  • Mozambique Light Gauge Steel Villa

Project Scope

Engineering, full house package procurement, logistics and technical support for assembly of 33 residential light gauge steel (LGS) villas

  • Client: Developer
  • Type: Light Gauge Steel turnkey package, residential
  • Location: Mozambique, Africa
  • Date: 2012 - current
  • Value: 2 million US$
  • Surface Built: 3,400 m2
  • # of Units: 33


Client needed high quality housing for rental to expatriates in a 1 year time frame. Limited skilled labor and almost no materials available locally. Long transport time to get any missing parts sent to site. Essential to provide complete and comprehensive package of materials.


Design: XCUBE engineered the villas, based on the client's architectural drawings. Developped the most cost appropriate Light Gauge Steel (LGS) structure based on wind loadings and earthquake requirements.

Procurement: Tested and supplied from China, a complete package of materials needed for construction of 33 (single and two level) homes. Engineering and procurement departments coordinated all parts along with suppliers to ensure we supplied everything down to the last screw, and that all parts fit together. Package included LGS frame, roofing, flashing, Exterior cladding, windows and doors, sheet goods, electrical, plumbing, kitchen and bathroom fittings, cabinetry, floor coverings etc. Shipping logistics and site support: The first batch of Light Gauge Steel (LGS) house frames shipped 45 days after order was placed. XCUBE managed all supplier QC, logistics and consolidation of less than container load goods, to ensure products arrive at the construction site (35 days ocean transport) in the right sequence with no parts missing) This enabled our customer to optimize the construction time, without work stoppages.

Applicable fields

The LGS construction method is applicable to almost all low rise projects (up to 4 floors). Residential single and two story houses, light commercial, office, hotels and motels.


Speed, complete package, quality materials and fittings. XCUBE differentiates itself from its competitors by providing a complete turnkey package, including all materials necessary to build the homes.