High tech extendable cube. Ships anywhere in the world as a container, then expands within minutes into a high end hotel pod, granny flat, tiny house, showroom space, home office, pool house. Expand your space, expand your dreams.

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Luxury Modular Hotel

XCUBE's game changing solution for luxury hotel and lodge operators. Ideal for remote locations and Hotels which need to be completed in record time. Open in 5-8 months instead of 2-3 years! XCUBE is a 1 stop shop, delivering complete turn key building, ready to operate. Luxury granite or marble bathrooms, highest quality fittings, oversized lift and slide bay windows, mean your customers can experience luxury in record time anywhere in the world.

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High-end Office or Showroom

Select from XCUBE's pre-designed modules, line them up and stack them to create a modular building that suits your needs and building site. All modules delivered as plug and play with minimal onsite assembly time. Re-deploy them as often as you want or keep them in one place for 50 years. Ideal for automotive and retail showrooms and offices

Modular Micro Apartments & Student Housing

Completely finished plug and play modules, each with a bathroom, kitchen, storage, sleeping and working area. Includes integrated hallway, central heating, plumbing, electric, and all built in furniture. Meets stringent fire, accoustic, and thermal standards, and can be assembled up to 7 stories tall

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High Security Modular

Using concrete reinforced walls and ceilings, XCUBE's fortified modular units can be assembled as secure manufacturing facilities, bank retail branches, blast-resistant buildings or prisons. Standard 40' High cube sizes, allow for cost effective and easy deployment around the world.

Glamping Modules

XCUBE's Glamorous Camping Pods: Take staying out in the wilderness to the next level. Stand alone or to be combined with tents, extendable or side opening with platforms, all ship as standard containers anywhere in the world

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Modular restaurant, coffee shop or small retail

Chose between our standard modules to create plug and play F&B or retail outlets complete with kitchens and bathrooms. Why wait for a traditional building site to be completed, order and we will deliver a completely finished high end facility so you can get down to business faster

Light Gauge Steel

Turn-Key Light Gauge Steel Houses

Complete package of pre-engineered building materials to assemble mid to high end homes anywhere in the world. Light Gauge Steel (LGS) frame, and all other parts, including furniture and fixtures, down to the last screw. Up to 2 stories

Pods & Cores

Bathroom and kitchen modules

All the complicated parts of a house or apartment are concentrated in this plug and play kitchen, bathroom and technical core. Easy to integrate into most any type of construction: light gauge steel, timber frame or concrete.

Flat pack bathrooms

High end flat-pack bathroom system ideal for retrofits. All plumbing, electrical and waterproofing sytems are factory installed. Real marble honeycomb panels ensure the look and feel of a five star hotel. Panels are shipped flat packed, and are installed and connected onsite in 4hours.

Other Prefabricated

Geodesic Domes and Glamping

XCUBE's Geodesic Domes range from the lower cost versions for temporary events, to the very high end fit outs for the most exclusive Glamping resorts. XCUBE can provide all necessary parts including bathrooms, platforms, structures, solar hot water, electric installation and water treatment solutions.

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XCUBE engineers deliver complete solutions and drawings for almost any type of prefabricated construction project. Keeping architectural design, material choices and installation sequences in mind, we deliver production ready drawings. By placing our engineers onsite, we gain pragamtic insight that puts us at the leading edge of prefabricated engineering. We provide our services as stand alone solutions, or integrated into turn key supply projects.


We transform your drawings into reality. XCube leverages an established procurement network and manages logistics and quality control to ensure that all parts and pre-assemblies are delivered to our assembly facility on time, in sequence and undamaged. We establish SOPs, production documents and quality control systems, moving the traditional construction site into a controlled industrial environment. This results in consistent quality, controlled costs and respected timelines.

Project Management

For projects delivered in China and abroad, we offer the option of managing site preparation and installation for your project. Our extensive experience in delivering projects needing rapid assembly, enable us to offer project management services with guaranteed on time delivery while meeting highest quality standards. These services can be provided as stand-alone consulting solutions or integrated into a turn-key project.

Quality Management

QM is a key part of our daily work to monitor and improve our internal processes. XCUBE offers QM consulting services to clients in China, ranging from the planning stage, to monitoring on-site assembly, through to after-sales service, dis-assembly, re-deployment and feedback for quality improvement. XCUBE has managed QM projects for events, exhibitions, office decoration and commercial space fit outs for automotive and high end retail clients.