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XCUBE Engineering & Prefabrication

Bringing Prefabrication to the next level

High-end Modular and Prefabricated Manufacturer

XCUBE provides high end modular and prefabricated building solutions and services to clients in China and around the World. XCUBE is an integrated Design, Engineering and Manufacturing Company based in Shanghai. With a strong team of in-house engineers and our own production facility, XCUBE can seamlessly deliver turnkey modular, light gauge steel and interior fit out projects from concept to onsite installation. In addition to supplying prefabricated buildings, XCUBE offers consulting services in Engineering, Construction Management and Quality Management to clients needing to build to European quality standards in China. XCUBE has delivered cost competitive prefabricated hotel, residential, office, showroom and factory buildings to clients located in China, Europe, Africa, North America and South East Asia.

Luxury Modular Hotel - Tibet

XCUBE engineered and delivered modules finished inside exceeding luxury hotel standards for…



Using a custom designed based module, the exact size of a 20' HC container, XCUBE designed an extendable mechanism, allowing  the pod to almost double…


Luxury Modular Hotel

XCUBE designed and delivered modules finished inside and out exceeding luxury hotel standards for style, quality and durability. Interiors , windows, doors & facades and…