Glamtainer Glamping Module

  • Glamping container opening and closing
  • Glaimtainer between the mountains
  • Glaimtainer Outside
  • Glamtainer Bathroom
  • Glamtainer Inside
  • Glamtainer Rendering

Project Scope

An XCUBE Project in collaboration with GlamXperience. Modular construction meets Safari tents. A complete turnkey high end bathroom, kitchen, sleeping loft and mechanicals, factory finished in a custom made side opening container. Unit is integrated into a larger safari tent, to provide the ultimate in luxurious glamping facilities.

  • Client: Developer
  • Type: Container based Glamping
  • Location: All over the world
  • Date: since 2016
  • Value: N/A
  • # of Units: MOQ 5 units

360 Panorama


Combine Modular construction with tents. The finish product should have the whole luxury from a hotel room combined with the chram of a tent.


We used a 20' high cube module with a foldable side wall, this side wall is used as the first part of the terrace. The substructure for the tent is made of wood and steel, it is built on and around the module. Attached to the first part of the terrace is a substructure affixed to expand the terrace and get more space. The module includes a whole bathroom as in a hotel room, a kitchen, air conditioning and all mechanicals and plumbing for a plug and play install. Cabinets, furniture and all other amenities customized based on client requirements.

Applicable fields

Camping sites, Events, Safaris, Lodges,Glamping


Speed, Luxury, minimum site impact, closer to the nature with a maximum of comfort