Modular Student Housing France

  • XCUBE Container student housing France front view
  • Inside kitchen view of XCUBE container housing
  • Interior XCUBE container modular student bathroom
  • Interior XCUBE modular container student kitchen
  • XCUBE Modular student units in Factory in Shanghai
  • Xcube modular student apartments insulation and electrical
  • Xcube modular student container being installed in France
  • Xcube modular student container during assembly in France

Project Scope

Design, engineering, procurement, project management, subcontractor selection and management, establish manufacturing processes, perform all QC and export 131 student apartments to France

  • Client: Developer
  • Type: Student housing modules
  • Location: Reims, France
  • Date: 2014
  • Value: 5 million US$
  • Surface Built: 3,700 m2
  • # of Units: 131


Meet stringent French norms and regulations (Fire, thermal, acoustic, electrical, handicap etc.). Source compliant products. Manufacture and export with very tight schedule. High quality, trendy and durable low maintenance finishes.


Design and Prototype: Worked hand in hand with a French client to develop modular student housing. Through various iterations of full scale 40 foot HC custom prototypes (5 prototypes over 3 years), a cost effective and turnkey module was developed that meets all French codes and norms. Each module is a completely custom built container like structure with specific reinforcements, yet stays within a 40' HC container dimensions to ensure cost effective shipping around the world.

Testing and procurement: Module is fully CSC plated and travels as a normal container. An extensive procurement phase was carried out to source a maximum number French code-compliant components in China. All necessary testing and certification was carried out prior to mass production. Certain items (electrical wire harness, window blinds etc.) were purchased in France and imported for assembly into the finished module before being re-exported.

Production: In 2014 we completed the delivery of 131 fully furnished modules (28m2) in 5 months. Each unit leaves the factory completely finished as a plug and play module, with a bathroom, kitchen, integrated hallway, central heating, plumbing, electric, and built in furniture. Once installed on site, module is ready to move in. XCUBE led the project management from start to finish. Production was completed in a leased facility.

Applicable fields

Student housing, assisted living, retirement homes, budget hotels, short stay accommodation


Speed, replicable, mass production, intelligent integrated multifunctional cabinetry, quality, cost competitive