Luxury Modular Hotel - Tibet

Project Scope

Design, manufacture, deliver and supervise installation of Five Star modules with integrated bathroom. Client requested minimal onsite labor and installation time

  • Client: High-end hotel operator in Tibet, China
  • Type: Luxury Modular Hotel, Engineering and Manufacturing
  • Location: Tibet, 4000m altitudes
  • Date: March - July 2018
  • Value: N/A
  • Surface Built: 774sqm room
  • # of Units: 43 x 3x6m Modules for Guestrooms, Restaurant and Lobby Modules


Design, engineer, build, ship and install 5 star modular hotel in limited time. Install location at high altitude in very remote location with poor access roads. Rooms had to be very high end and not in any way appear modular. Two types of Guestroom 2 Module -1 Rooms, 3 Modules -2 rooms.


XCUBE engineered and delivered modules finished inside exceeding luxury hotel standards for style, quality and durability. Interiors , windows, doors & facades were completed 100% in the factory prior to dis-assembling. Trucking 5000 Km to Tibet. Modules were installed (10 days) and trimmed out in 15 days onsite. 99% of all that was needed for the hotel rooms was shipped out of the XCUBE factory. 



Applicable fields

Luxury hotels, resorts, lodges and properties world wide. XCUBE modular hotel solution means a hotel project can be open for business in 5-8 months instead of 2-3 years.


Speed: 5-8 months from design to opening Quality: Factory finished modules using only the highest quality materials and craftsmanship (Toto bathrooms, Daikin AC units, Imported lift and slide bay windows) Cost: 2 additional year of revenue means the room pays for itself. Price range from 1,500-2,500 US$ all-in Convenience: 1 stop shop for hotel, furniture & fittings, HVAC etc.