• FLEXeCUBE modular pod deployment sequence
  • Luxury Bathrooms, FLEXeCUBE modular pods
  • FLEXeCUBE modular pod, extended
  • FLEXeCUBE modular pod side view
  • FLEXeCUBE modular pod interior bathroom and kitchen
  • FLEXeCUBE modular pod living space view
  • FLEXeCUBE modular pod floor plan layout

Project Scope

Designed, engineered and manufactured high tech extendable pods

  • Type: Modular extendable pod, container sized
  • Date: 2017
  • Value: To be determined based on location and customer requirements
  • Surface Built: 25 m2 usable space once extended

360 Panorama


To design, engineer and manufacture high tech pods to ensure affordable world-wide shipping, easy plug & play deployment & re-deployment, robust build for long lifespan, and highest quality interior fit outs for a luxury user experience.


Using a custom designed based module, the exact size of a 20' HC container, XCUBE designed an extendable mechanism, allowing  the pod to almost double its usable floor space once delivered to site. Click to see the Video and more info. This ensures easy and affordable container freight shipping, yet a comfortable 6x4.5 m space once fully extended. High quality rollers, gaskets and flashings, and a simple manual winch, means 2 people can have the FLEXeCUBE ready for use in less than 30 mn. FLEXeCUBE can be fitted out with a full bathroom, kitchen, cabinetry based on customer requirements. 

Take a basic FLEXeCUBE and add-on what you need: Bathroom, Kitchen, built in furniture etc.                                           
FLEXeCUBE LUXE: for exclusive boutique hotels, exotic luxury glamping, or unique Airbnb
FLEXeCUBE HOME: for extra space, granny flat, home office, pool house, garden rental unit
FLEXeCUBE ROAD: for all your exhibition and traveling road show needs

Applicable fields

Unique and remote hotels, Glamping (glamorous camping), or wherever you need more stylish space


Inexpensive to ship (FLEXeCUBE ships as a 20' HC container), easy to extend, easily re-locatable, close it up for the season or extreme weather conditions, completely factory finished interiors and exteriors, convenient plug & play for water, electricity, waste water, ready for green building add-ons (solar PV, solar hot water, etc.)